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NOFX - Cell Out dalszöveg lyrics

Cell Out

She asked me if I was a singer, then called me has-been
She said she really like my band in the early 90’s (Oh yeah)
I said stop saying those mean things
NOFX - Down with the Ship dalszöveg lyrics

Down with the Ship

It could have been helped, it might have been saved
With me at the helm, I could have found ways
To keep it afloat and find a new course
But I steered the ship right into the cliffs
The easy way out, a cowardly move
A short sighted plan made by a self-centered man
The crew stayed with the ship and bailed as one
They didn't know irreparable damage was done
They had so much pride and camaraderie
But that was all lost when they spotted me
Rowing to shore with treasure on board
A cowardly plan made by a self-loathing man
Without regrets, without looking back
I chose to walk on the less beaten sociopath
With all the spoils of an island of one
I don't need dynasty, I don't need anyone
I knew the consequence when I plotted this trip
I'm not a man who'll go down with the ship

NOFX - My Sycophant Others dalszöveg lyrics

My Sycophant Others

Inconsequent, social infant, insolent, insignificant
And you're my sycophant
Brown noser, confidante poser
Shoved down the garbage disposer, sycophant
Yes feeder, accolade breeder
Like I need another cheerleader
You're spineless and morally impotent
You're my sycophant
I don't need any more affirmation
I get enough love in my rockupation arrogant
Is a word that people call me
That's why I don't need any more flattery
Yes dudes and compliment throwers
Ass kissers, anal smoke blowers
I don't need to feel any more eminent
From a sycophant
'Seriously, you guys are totally wrong about Mike being wrong
And frankly, Mike's right about him being right
Not only that remember my great idea that Mike had last week?
I love it, we think it's great.'
Don't inflate my head anymore
I don't need a bigger ego
Shoot me down, I need regression
Honesty mixed with rejection
Take me down a rung or three
I like to live in reality
My head does not need more inflation
It's already past regulation
(Brown nosers, smoke blowers, yes yes-ers, no no-ers
Agree-ers with me-ers, those drinking my pee-ers)
Yes feeder, accolade breeder
Like I need another cheerleader
You're spineless and morally impotent
You're my sycophant

NOFX - Ive Got One Jealous Again, Again dalszöveg lyrics

I've Got One Jealous Again, Again

I've got one 'Jealous Again', again
I got one Killing Joke
I got what was bound to happen
What was broken now's been broke
I parted with my Neurosis
But I kept The Lookouts
I got the record player, but I didn't get the house
I got one Black Flag 'Damaged'
And one 'Golden Shower of Hits.'
I left The Misfits coffin set
But I fuckin' kept The Spits
Now I got 'Group Sex' and 'No Control.'
I got 'Suffer' and 'Let's Go.'
I left 'Freedom of Choice' with 'The Guilt Show.'
I knew it was over when I put on 'Walk Among Us',
You grabbed the TV remote control
You put on Survivor and I put on some headphones
And cheated with my first love rock and roll
I took back my Replacements
And grabbed my Etherteen
Bullet, Nihilistics, and the banned 'God Save the Queen'
This wasn't like the Faith/Void
This was a clean split
If I didn't grab my records may all been smashed to bits
Take your Guns N' Roses with the Robert Williams cover
And I'll take the Fugazi picture disc
19 or 20 years ago I labeled my slip covers
That was a union I wasn't willing to risk

NOFX - Xmas Has Been Xed dalszöveg lyrics

Xmas Has Been X'ed

It's funny how some fables became historic
When the authors clearly wrote them to be metaphoric
But people will believe anything if it's written
Especially in stone or ancient scroll
December 25th has been blacklisted
Since Dawkins found the proof Jesus never existed
It was the last thing anyone ever expected
Xmas has been X'd
No colored lights, no shopping sprees
No more presents under dead trees
St. Nick is dead, but we don't grieve
We celebrate the last Christmas Eve
Jesuits are slowly turnin' Dianetic
Protestants increasingly become agnostic
Pentecostal churches are hanging pentagrams
Priests and nuns are molesting each other
Methodists and Baptists are claiming Buddhist
Evangelicals surprisingly are Nudist
But mostly everyone is trying to become Jew
'Cause Easter's canceled too
No more egg hunts, no Sunday mass
Fridays are fair, Wednesdays don't ash
They canceled Lent and slowed down fast
Enjoy Christmas 'cause it's your last
No shopping sprees (Don't worry, son)
No more presents (We don't need Christ)
Under dead trees (We got eight nights)
St. Nick is dead (We got mitzvah)
But we don't grieve (The're all canceled)
We celebrate (Our Hanukkah)
The last Christmas Eve

NOFX - Six Years on Dope dalszöveg lyrics

Six Years on Dope

I was a misanthrope on the end of a rope
I spent 20 years 6 years on dope
Takin’ a piss while givin’ up hope
I lived a lifetime 6 years on dope
I was a human trash can (Shortening my lifespan)
Live fast die tan (I think that was the plan)
Savin’ all my money for a one-way ticket to Afghanistan
I was a ezoobeson drunk, (strung out on junk)
Live fast die punk (I thought I was sunk)
From gin-swilling and fish tank penicillin
I was a moron bro with impetigo
A pleased as punch Dog Patch Wino
Casual sex and herpes complex
Now I’m on Interferon and Valtrex
I was a child-adult, a walking insult
Every shot got more difficult
I was a teenage trash bin (a breathing mannequin)
A caustic cause (who musta loved sufferin')
Do pinhole eyes romanticize heroin?
I was a moron bro, a circus sideshow
A dying slow Dog Patch Wino

NOFX - Happy Fathers Day dalszöveg lyrics

Happy Father's Day

Fuck you Paul Burkett
I’m glad that you are dead
You weren’t a father or a parent
More an acquaintance than a friend
I’ve changed my name to make sure
That your surname won’t live on
When I’m dead our family history will be gone

NOFX - Sid and Nancy dalszöveg lyrics

Sid and Nancy

Just like the Kennedys killed Marilyn Monroe
The Reagans had a secret the public couldn’t know
At Winterland his wife was wankin’ a kid
And he couldn’t let anyone know what she did
The voters couldn’t know about Nancy and Sid
I’m sorry dear but this is how it’s gotta be
You gotta kill the groupie and frame the junkie
No one cares about Nancy Spungen
And Sid will be on Rikers in the dungeon
If you wanna be the first lady, you gotta get rid of Sid
And make it look like an OD
Hinckley didn’t do it for Jodie Foster
He was a Pistols fan and a punk rocker
He wanted revenge on the First Lady
But instead he shot Reagan and James Brady
Everybody knows what Mrs. Reagan did…
Sid never killed Nancy
Nancy killed Sid
Now we all know what Nancy did
She stabbed the groupie and blamed it on Sid

NOFX - California Drought dalszöveg lyrics

California Drought

I once heard a song about it never rains in Southern California
I once saw a band play at the Farm sober I hadn’t had a drink
Like cleaning gums or huggin’ bums
Or doin’ something that you know’s good for ya
Those times are tedious and tenuous
And hopefully much shorter than a blink
I’m so easy to deciphe, I could rationalize for life
But from all the strife I caused, I gotta go without
Taking codones is insane, I don’t wanna kill I want more pain
So like the California drought, I’m dryin’ out
I got the one job that it’s frowned upon if you’re not a user
The bands that are all sober are the ones playing the Warped and county fairs
I’ll go to an alcoholics meeting and get booed and called a loser
Then I get invited to a party from a bro who works at Bayer
He’s got the shit from 1910, bottled H that’s genuine
I just wanna see what all the hype’s about
I just gotta try it once, but I say no cuz I got 3 months?
And like the California drought, I’m dryin’ out
My sponsor should be Ernie Ball or PBR not Pat from Petaluma
The chips I want are kale, corn, potato, and for betting on a flush
But now I gotta listen to a 20 minute story that’s just a rumor
And I’m sorry but this nicotine and caffeine don’t gimme the same rush
I’m a jest pilot in jux, to positions in a crux
I’m not in fashion I’m in flux, so they all doubt
I just want some cocaine but it’s making me insane
I think I may have broken my brain so I’m dryin’ out

NOFX - Oxy Moronic dalszöveg lyrics

Oxy Moronic

I've been called an OxyMoron
Because I question which drugs our war's on
Why are there more drug stores
Than liquor stores you can score on
The healers have become the harmers
They're just pharmaceutical farmers
What we used to call dealers
We now call doctors
I might be a CDCynic
Cause that crack house is now a clinic
It's time they change the name of the oath to
The hypocritic or the parasitic
It isn't Adderalltruistic
By over prescribing
How can we fight them in a Suboxone ring
I'll throw a Prozacuzation
With a sub-Ketamine-ing
They'll say my fears are Quaaludacris
They should be Ativanishing
With every Demeroltercation
They'll have a good Xanaxplanation
You're just Cialistrated
Cause we made your dick deflated
It's OxyMoronic
It's OxyMoronic
It should be doctors getting busted
For their Klonopinions we trusted
We're not the sinners
They're the ones
That served us the Vicodinners
I don't want to be an alarmist
But in that harmacy there's a harmacist
And those scripts are making us Paximple minded pacifists
It's OxyMoronic
It's OxyMoronic
It's OxyMoronic
Don't think that I AmBien crazy
The medical industrial complex
Keeps us Viagravated and hard to come
Because of Percosex
How can we Hydrocondone
Their blatant misconduct
They don't care for patients
They care about pushing product
Are you OxyMoronic
For wanting your daily chronic
And making your mom's house hydroponic
You're OxyMoronic
I've been called an OxyMoron
For getting my metaphor on
Linoleum is a Flooron
I'm an OxyMoron
It's time to be alarmed
We're not being healed
We're being harmed
Our country's being factory farmed
It's OxyMoronic
It's time to sound to alarma
We can't put our faith in karma
We got a common enemy
And they're called Big Pharma
And it's OxyMoronic
And it's OxyMoronic
It's all OxyMoronic
It's all OxyMoronic
Daily chronic, now most of your house is, okay
'Most of your house is' what does that even mean?
He's turned most of his house into hydroponic
Why wouldn't he have turned all of it into hydroponic?
Well cause he lives there
'Now all of your house is hydroponic'
Most is sappy
Really? It's like saying maybe
How about 'Now your mom's house is hydroponic'
Yeah! That's fucking way better
God you fucking woke up
Come on Mike, where you been
Where you been all month?

NOFX - I Dont Like Me Anymore dalszöveg lyrics

I Don't Like Me Anymore

One morning I woke up
Scratched my balls and eyes
I looked into the mirror
And got a big surprise
I don't know who this person is
But I've seen his face before
A face I don't want to have to face
I don't think I like me anymore
When I run into old friends
Their eyes seem to dart away
I wish I could remember
All the shitty things I say
Then one day my best friend said something
I'd never heard before
You've done so much for me
And I love you
But I don't like you anymore
Someone lock the door
I don't like me anymore
And here comes media whore
I heard this story twice before
I don't like me anymore
Pop punks claiming hardcore
I don't like me anymore
Was it something that I've done?
Was it something that I've said?
Was I having too much fun?
Did I dropkick someone's head?
I turn on the TV
And I don't like what I see
There's an old punk rocker acting like a jerk
And that jerk looks a lot like me
Someone lock the door
I don't like me anymore
And here comes media whore
I heard this story twice before
I don't like me anymore
Pop punk claiming hardcore
I don't like me anymore
Catastrophe uncertain
Hit the lights and drop the curtain
Organize a mob and rush the door
Peel me off the floor
I don't like me anymore
A burning open sore
I don't like me anymore
People say they love me
Then ask for something more
The never-ending story
A filibustering bore
A pompous dinosaur
I don't like me anymore
Why does being nice to people
Feel like such a chore?
I'm paid to be your clown but
Feel like anybody's whore
A somber fact I wish I could ignore
I don't like me anymore

NOFX - Ditch Effort dalszöveg lyrics

Ditch Effort

Living for nothing does not require reason
Ban no ambition call it national treason
I’ve been outside the cave and told them ‘bout the light
They told me they don’t want to know about it
Fuck you and good night
We’ve got a sickness, it’s not a moral judgment
It comes from thickness and 30 year begrudgement
You end up sighing it’s only STD
We’ve all got sickness but I’m the one with Hepatitis C
I don’t need doctors, I don’t need treatment
Need to be treated like a man who’s halfway decent
I told them that I think bad thoughts and I just might
They told me they don’t want to hear about it
Fuck you and good night!

NOFX - Dead Beat Mom dalszöveg lyrics

Dead Beat Mom

She’s a dead beat mom, a one woman pogrom
A tri-polar paradigm, a lunatika time bomb
When everything is alright, she makes everything wrong
Living only to spite and spit napalm, she’s a dead beat mom
She’s a dead beat mom, she’s a dead beat mom
She’s a dead beat mom, a storm without a calm
VPA and Lithium is what she should be on
An emotional vacuum, a good vibe tampon
She got her degree in poisonous pedagogy
A course taught by her mom
Someone stop her before she destroys
The childhoods of my two boys
My sons mean everything to me
So I pray for some agency to tell her that she’s wrong
But the Dead Beat Mom isn’t able to hack it
She needs to be in a Prada straight jacket
A padded rubber room is where she belong
It’s a perfect place for, maybe add some mace for
The Dead Beat Mom, she’s my Vietnam
I got PTSD and an STD
Is everything ok?
Last week I saw her humming this song
She’s a dead beat mom, she’s a dead beat mom
She’s a dead beat mom, she’s a dead beat mom

NOFX - Bye Bye Biopsy Girl dalszöveg lyrics

Bye Bye Biopsy Girl

It came back negative and gave us a scare
The next year it grew back again and you started to swear
And after chemotherapy, you threw up and lost all your hair
And when I said bye bye biopsy girl
You acted like I didn’t care
I took you to the Mission, you could order pollo
I took you to Chinatown, you said, “Let’s take it to go”
But when I asked you to take it Greek and ATM with French
I had to say bye bye bilingual girl
You said no and knew the consequence
And when I called La Migra and the INS
They took away your documents
You took me to the Jamesons and said, “Swingin’ is fun”
You told me I was good in bed, but you wanted to be with more than one
And when you said your friend was hot and I could go all the way
I had to say bye bye bisexual girl
I didn’t know your friend was gay
I had to say bye bye bisexual girl
When he said I had to pay

NOFX - It Aint Lonely at the Bottom dalszöveg lyrics

It Ain't Lonely at the Bottom

I look around, I look around me
So many things to do, there’s so many things to see
I’m lookin’ up, at the Upper Crusties
I know they pity me, because I do what I please
It may be lonely at the top
But for those of us who couldn’t stop
We’ve got a hundred dozen friends
Who make sure the party never ends
We’re at a one way dead end cul-de-sac
I hit rock bottom but it didn’t hit back
I gotta say this really ain’t so bad
It’s a funny thing, it’s never lonely
I really can’t complain cuz it feels like home to me
Tell me to quit and talking shit about
I really gotta say, this bottom ain’t so bad
I got a demon juggernaut from battles I already fought
I put the cog in cognition, I’ll sign my last resignation
There is a neon sign and a wooden plaque, they say:
You’ve hit the bottom, we knew you’d be back
I gotta say, it really ain’t so bad
Tell me to quit, I’m sick of hearin’ it
Don’t see the benefit because it’s really not so bad
Just kinda sad

NOFX - Im So Sorry Tony dalszöveg lyrics

I'm So Sorry Tony

I’ve never known a better writer or a better guy
His songs wouldn’t just touch you
They would punch you in the eye
It doesn’t happen a lot when everybody has the same thought
“He wasn’t supposed to die”
So let’s CLANK our beers and give three cheers for Tony Sly
I never heard a bad word about him
I never heard a bad melody
His dying isn’t tragic, it’s a fucking catastrophe
I’ve lost my parents and so many friends I chalk it, c’est la vie
It’s nothing like losing my friend Tony
Sometimes on weekends when our kids hang out together
Keira tells Darla that her dad’s songs are better
And I think she’s sad, cuz tomorrow she hopes her dad
Will be coming home, cuz he told her that 3 years ago on the phone
Tony, you make me see myself in a way I don’t wanna see
Do I have to stop living so wrecklessly?
So I can be the father I know I can be
All the endless nights we had, the 20 years of laughs
I’ve looked but I can’t find any photographs of us
Because it’s weird to take photos with your best friends
Cuz you don’t think that you’ll never see them again
I’m sorry that I wasn’t there for you
When you needed me in the end
I was there to give your eulogy
But not when you needed a friend
When they lowered your body into the ground
Even the piper began to cry
From coast to coast, let’s raise our drinks and give a toast to Tony Sly

NOFX - Generation Z dalszöveg lyrics

Generation Z

I think that our kids will probably see the end of humanity
As we know it, cause this world’s about to blow it
Will they see what they saw in ancient Rome
The destruction of the home?
Will they see the end of civility?
Cause when morality’s been blurred, procreation seems absurd
And human rights and freedom are just words
That have lost all their meaning
In a world that is bleating like an animal at slaughter
I hope that my daughters never know what it feels like to give up
To know the whole world is corrupt
To realize that they are really on their own
And there’s no one left who cares about the future
Infected cuts don’t need a suture
There’s a feeling that the human race has seen the checkered flag
And the laps that are given are the last ones ever driven
And everyone who’s still living knows that
It’s a shame that the Earth will live on but can’t give birth
To a baby planet where we could start over again
We've been divided, we've been bled
Like a chicken without a head, running frantically amok
Taking but not giving a fuck
History is just an alibi
It’s believing every lie man has ever dared to write
It’s so much easier to see than complex reality
A lifetime full of misery and blight
So we tell our daughter’s and sons that they’re not the final ones
To see this planet as a decent place to live
We use a telescope to give them faith to give them hope
Anything to help them cope with their future
Cause there’s no alternative
Kings and queens ruled the land
There’s more and more lines drawn in the sand
Pawns are crooks castles are rooks
It’s too bad the good books
Written for the sub-classes to introduce morality
Had nothing to do with reality
But then again who would have ever read them
We read the Par Quran for lunch
Eat Old Testaments for a snack
And read the Lulla-bible before bed
There’s no more points of view
(It’s sad I’m gonna see)
When your only thought is food
The bible has been replaced with a survival guide
(The end of history)
That uses perishables instead of parables
Because there’s no stories left to preach
(We don’t wanna be)
There’s no large lessons left to teach anyone
Why bother?
(The Generation Z)
Who are we
Are we the intellects, or the insects?
(We don’t wanna see)
We’re not the ones who will ever know the answer
It’s impossible for us to imagine what is right in front of us
(A species you and me)
I guess that’s what makes us think we’re human
But being human only lets us see a little farther than animals
(The end of history)
Feel depression from spending most of your life working?
(The Generation Z)
Try chemicals
Chemicals make everything better!
(The end of history)
Hate, love, morality
(The Generation Z)
They’re just chemical reactions
[Generation Z! Generation Z!]
Are we just chemically imbalanced ants
On chemically fueled rants?
It really just comes down to sex and power
I bet the last man standing
The last human on this planet
The last person on the earth
Doesn't give a shit
Or have any idea that he or most likely she
Is the last one
The last person on this planet will fuck the dead
And die thinking not about why didn't anyone care
But why her life was so unfair
It’s time, it needs to be said
I’m sorry to be the one to inform you
But man and womankind has unfortunately been pronounced dead
[Generation Z!]

NOFX - The Big Drag dalszöveg lyrics

The Big Drag

Before James died he smiled and laughed
'Cause he was just photographed for the last time
While it was drowned the kitten purred
At least that's what I thought I heard
But maybe that's 'cause I need to believe in the absurd
Ashes to ashes after the planet crashes
I trust all dust will turn to dust
I used to think a wasted life was not a crime
That's before I realized we don't have very much more time
My melodies are maladies my poetries are just phonetic
Trying to make sense of this world is preposterous pathetic
The Gods have had their fun playing this world but now it's too upsetting
The human race is not worth watching or wagering on
We're just a longshot, an underdog with odds so bad now it's just a blood letting
So, every deity with dignity has just stopped betting
So, follow me into a world of anything you've ever dreamed
Now that morality is blurred if you listen really closely
You probably believe in every single word
Mesmerized by rhetorical and memorized historical events
That never actually occurred
We're not blind we're bound and blinded our minds have been land minded
And I'm so excited!
Every single person on this planet thinks they are right
'Cause if you thought that you were wrong
You'd change your mind fuck from black to white
I do believe in True Romance
So, I'm gonna dance and fight and fuck with every moment
I'll always have something in my glass to raise
To make a toast for those making the most of the last days
Nothing is ever gonna change, nothing will ever be ok
Nothing is ever gonna change, nothing will ever be ok
There's only a finite number of tomorrows
And it's not a lot but it's all we really got, it's all we really got
Live each precious moment that we can manage to carve out of each day
So, when it's time for us to die we'll say our short goodbye
There is no sadness if there's no one left to cry

NOFX - I Love You More Than I Hate Me dalszöveg lyrics

I Love You More Than I Hate Me

You'd cover my face when you'd fuck me
We were intimate without intimacy
Like a gutter punk-tuation
In a foreign conversation
I feel like Thoreau at party I throw
I’m a self-made scarecrow
I love you more than I hate me
Cuz you are everything I wish I could be
I'm a friendless best friend
A single bookend, “a walking dead ender”
“I’m a return to sender”
We didn’t know the fix was in
Years before our race was run
Our epilogue was predestine
Like A Maori Tribe 4th son
Like a Randy Rhodes scholar
Or a rotary cell phone
A slave is lost without their collar
The un-favorite sundial tone
My conscience disobeys me
Because I always cease to amaze me
I’m like a vir-gin blossom
I’m on the verge of nawesome
A unhip-hop scotch blend
Where everyone tried to pretend
They didn’t want our love to end
But we all knew that it had to

NOFX - Fish in a Gun Barrel dalszöveg lyrics

Fish in a Gun Barrel

Does anyone know how loaded he was
When he unloaded his gun?
Does anyone know how loaded he was
When the slaughter had begun?
Does anyone know how crazy he was?
Does anyone think he did it because
He thought humans were in season?
His brain had a lesion?
Is it worse if he didn’t have any reason?
Does anyone know what number of pints
He was planning to spill?
Does anyone think he may have just been prescribed
The wrong happy pill?
Which god told him to kill all the infidels?
The intellectuals, the homosexuals
Even the red-nexuals
Anything can start making sense
When it's imprinted out of context
Does anyone know what made him decide
To unload his first round?
Do you think he cared what race or faith
For the victims he left for dead on the ground?
Does anyone know how Jewish he was?
Does anyone know how Buddish he was?
Does anyone know how if he's a Christian?
Had a pot to piss in? Did he consider it a sin?
Did anyone go to church for the dead
And ask to kneel and pray?
How can you believe in a God
And still carry a card of the NRA?
I thought religion is supposed to instill
A notion that it's not right to kill
It must be a bitter pill
To admit that you're all mentally ill
Why do we have a harder time
When there's no enemy to blame?
It doesn't matter how many were killed
The debate is the same
Is it alright to hunt or judge you for fun?
Is it protection we need from the gun?
The blame is always placed on someone
It's always how the story is spun
Only a lunatic
Would sell a lunatic a gun

NOFX - Birmingham dalszöveg lyrics


I don't wanna go to sleep at night
I wanna stay up tied down and try to song write right
I don't care if you think is wrong
But the blue and white help me compose my most fucked songs
When I'm with NOFX
Or having bondage sex
I seem to function
When I'm alone
It's just self destruction
It was 6:00 A.M
I was watching Horace and Pete
It made me heal
Crush a pill and do a line
And slug a Johnny Walker neat
The sun was coming up
So I bought another gram in Birmingham
I needed some rest
But that show really depressed me
It's a good thing that that city
Has all night delivery
When I wake up on a dungeon floor
I've never seen before
I must have been sedated
I'm sure to have a smile on my face
Even though I was most likely violated
'Cuz when the drugs work right
You can't remember the previous night
You probably made some really bad decisions
'Cuz if they weren't bad the drugs must have been
And you're at home laying on your couch
Probably depressed
'Cuz you're watching Horace and Pete
Taking an advil
And drinking Pellegrino neat
What's the point of doing more?
When the drugs don't work no more
That's when I realized that while scraping the floor in Birmingham
Why'd I need to score?
When the drugs don't work no more
That’s when I realized what I am in Birmingham
I don't like doing drugs
I just like doing more
Then it's time for a dram and another gram in Birmingham
I wake up happy not depressed
After just eight hours rest
Then it started again the very next night in Nottingham

NOFX - Linewleum dalszöveg lyrics


Intellectual property never meant anything to me
So, I’m not crazy for trying to pimp out a classic song
At 25 years old it's the humane thing to do
Even though you know we know you think it's wrong
But after 700 covers and 1800 shows
And because it’s the song that Colombians love to hum
We voted to pull the plug and euthanize 'Linoleum'
I think I was born into this world just to piss people off
So I'm doing what no smart band ever would
I’m taking our one well known song and trying to make it not very good
Linoldlium never meant anything to me
I never even wrote a chorus
Just verses and a bridge
It's like bulldozing a bowling alley for a used record store
Decomposing your best song is sacrilege
But when most Hopeless bands play it wrong
And it's in Le Tigre's best song
And it was the last song that Tony ever played
It's time to put Linoleum out to stud and make sure that it gets laid
That's me and I got a new kitchen floor
But I still sleep with a close friend
The leather trunk next to my bed
That's me on the street and I'm walking with my kid
When she told me she knows everything I did
Because she just finished our book
What? Wait. What?
What the fuck?
What the hell?
Why did she feel the need to tell me
That she knows her dad is more than kinda weird
She knows that I do drugs
She knows that I'm kinky
But what keeps me up at night is that her and her friends know that I drink pee
[Fat Mike speaking]
Not that there's anything wrong with that

NOFX - My Bro Cancervive Cancer dalszöveg lyrics

My Bro Cancervive Cancer

I gotta spend the day at the record store
'Cause it's the only place I can go to ignore what I got
And listen to some punk rock
I don't have the cash for chemotherapy
But I got enough for the HOFX colored EP
Oh yeah!
I know one day I'll meet Fatty and we're gonna be bros
If I show up to enough Fat Wreck Chords shows
And I'll tell him that I'm dyin'
And I'm desperately trying
To see a dominatrix with reasonable rates
Should I fly to Sanctuary or just drive through the gates of East Oakland ?
I said: 'That's kind of a random thing to say, ya hey!'
He said: 'I'm Brett, I don't have very long
There's something very wrong
So I thought that you could maybe
Write a song about me.'
I said: 'Seriously?'
'I'm uninsured and it's unstoppable
The doctor told me it's inoperable
'Cause my GoFundMe page only raised 50 bucks.'
Oh no
I think I gotta go
He told me the cancer was in his brain
So I invite him over to do some cocaine
With me - 'cause he never tried drugs before
I offered him a line and he said he's not sure
I said: 'Didn't you just tell me that there isn't a cure?
So why not try
Some ecstasy and coke
If you're gonna croak!?
Some DMT and K
Will make you feel okay
Just for one night
You might feel like everything is gonna be all right.'
Then he texted me every day
Until I finally said: 'Okay
I'll write a song about you being sick
But like your life, it's gonna end too quick.'

NOFX - Grieve Soto dalszöveg lyrics

Grieve Soto

I don't need the click
I'm just going to go right into it
Alright, push it
Grieving Soto
A man that we were all privileged to know
Why’d you have to be the first Adolescent to go?
There would have been so many less people cryin’
Had it been Rikk, Alfie, Frank, Casey, or even Derek O’Brien
I’m so grateful that before your end
I told you how you’re my hero and my treasured friend
Bobby Pin
Never told anyone he hustled for Paul Lynn
Or that the Black Beauties he took were empty shells
He clearly knew what image sells
The beard he grew was Michelle Bell's
To be so charismatic, thought he had to play the addict
Was his suicide from drugs cuz the L.A. punks were violent homophobic thugs?
Mike Burkett!
Don’t put me in this song I’m not dead yet
I’m just singing this to make sure you don’t forget to be cautious
More respectful, less obnoxious, cuz you’ve been getting hated
Making the cool things that you’ve done in your life negated
Cuz now musicians aren’t supposed to take positions or protest our shit conditions
And yes, we should all feel violated cuz our scene’s getting castrated and annihilated
GG used to be the most hated, then Ben, now it’s me
Cuz I guess I say things insensitively
Now all the great bands who got bigger
Wouldn’t dare to sing words that Exene, Patty, and Penelope sang with vigor
We all know that Jesus Christ was a figment that must have had
A lot of pigment in his skin
Cuz he was a Semitic Egyptian, didn’t you know?
But if there was there ever gonna be a resurrection
I prefer that it was Steve Soto
Steve Soto
Steve Soto
Steve Soto
Steve Soto
Steve Soto
Steve Soto
Steve Soto

NOFX - Doors and Fours dalszöveg lyrics

Doors and Fours

In L.A. Basin heroin was so passé
We had to find something cheaper
And not so far from West L.A
We were all looking for a high different and new
When dope was hard to get, Codeine 4 and Doriden would have to do
On doors and fours we take our chance
White punks on dope, perfect romance
On doors and fours in '83
When we got loaded taking loads we'd all OD eventually
Was there a killer or did Jordan Hiller just have a death wish ?
His parents didn't need to find their oldest son cold as a fish
When loads were finding the roads to Beverly Hills
Heroin and PCP were a safer bet compared to those six pills
On doors and fours we never knew
Which one of us was turning blue
Why wasn't anybody scared?
'Cause we were teenagers on loads - so no one really fucking cared!
On doors and fours, I'm on all fours - on doors and fours
On doors and fours, I'm on all fours - on doors and fours
On doors and fours, I'm on all fours - on doors and fours!
Another good friend's heart explodes
'Cause all the punks are doing loads
While we're all still taking our loads
'Cause all the punks are doing loads
Our arteries and veins corrode
'Cause all the punks are doing loads
Los Angeles' punk scene slowly erodes
'Cause all the punks are doing loads
We lived on violent apathy
This was L.A. in '83
Straight out of the Hills of Beverly
Old L.A. punks will never die from old age - 'cause they all OD!

NOFX - Your Last Resort dalszöveg lyrics

Your Last Resort

Did you think that because I was so depraved, I needed to be saved?
I’ll never be well behaved cuz I’m told to
You think if you stole me, you’d be able to control me
Cuz I’m wearing your ring, you think if you shamed me
You might be able to tame such a wild thing
You knew who I was when we met and you always knew how to respect
You never dared to suspect, even when I suspected you
Cuz your love was true
You were a pirate ship that was listing
I was a 42-year aged port
Was I the first protected cove you found in the storm?
Or was I just your last resort?
I consented to being shanghaied, cuz I craved a kidnapping
I was battened down with minor cords
As we set sail into the dark and sharpest sea
We were called a train and shipwreck
Cuz we were eager to walk the plank
We swam the warm waters of sins of the flesh
And watched as our beautiful ship sank
Being the most wanted and most hated, we still navigated
Every ocean, every storm and every sea
Without noticing mutiny
Two toys so badly broken
Two toys that can’t be fixed
Will our hearts ever meet in the same venue while open?
Or have they both been 86’d
I’m still in detoxification and after all that I’ve been through
Quitting drugs was the easiest part, the hardest thing was detoxing from you!
Was I just your last resort was I just your last resort?
I thought I’d be the last person you’d ever court, not just your last resort

NOFX - Five Feet Under dalszöveg lyrics

Five Feet Under

5 feet under, he's got one foot in the grave
Would you look at him I think he's lost it
I don't think that he can be saved
He's got a downpayment on his tombstone
He's not alone his whole life has been out
On a limb just look at him, watch
Him get smashed and race bikes so fast
Just don't laugh, what will it say on his epitaph
Here he lies may he rest in peace
Hung on to life by the skin of his teeth
Pushing his luck thru the bottle he drinks
He's got a date with his maker and he
Doesn't want to be late and make no mistake
He's a good friend so why might his life
Have to end, my friend I don't want to
See you dead
I don't want to see him dead!
I don't want to see him dead!
I don't want to see him dead!

NOFX - Professional Crastination dalszöveg lyrics

Professional Crastination

Can't you see how easy it becomes
Procrastinate, we're professionals
Get things done, you can't, to busy
Having fun we're professionals
Professional crastination it's a way
Of life if you've got lots of time
Put it off cause tomorrow sounds
Much better than today
Always late, not sometimes, occasionally
Consistantly, we're professionals
Professional crastination we're living
In a procrastination
Why can't we ever be on time?
Professional crastination it's a way of life
If you've got lots of time
Pofessional crastination we're living
In a procrasti-nation
Professional crastination

NOFX - Mean People Suck dalszöveg lyrics

Mean People Suck

Mean people suck
Mean people suck
Mean people suck
Mean people suck
They Suck!
They Suck!
They Suck!
They Suck!
Mean people suck
Mean people suck
Mean people suck
Mean people suck
They suck!
They suck!
They suck!

NOFX - S&M Airlines dalszöveg lyrics

S&M Airlines

I went to the airport, but I missed my flight
I had to get out of this town tonight
Then a lady in black caught my attention
I couldn't figure out what was her intention
She told me about a flight that was leaving that night
She could get me a seat and the price was right
She tugged on my pants so I jumped at the chance
I had no idea what was in store for me
I'll never fly S&M Airlines again
She welcomed me aboard then she strapped me to my seat
She tied my hands and legs down and made me kiss her feet
She whipped me and she slapped me, and gagged me when I begged
One things for sure I'll never fly S&M Airlines again
The stewardess in leather came walking down the isle
She put nipple clamps on me with a sadistic smile
The pain was so bad I had tears in my eyes
Then I looked up and there were two gartered thighs
I'll never fly S&M Airlines again
Her ass was inches from me when she told me to lick
Before I could do anything she slapped my dick
So I followed her commands, my aim was to please
I spent the rest of the flight on my knees
The plane finally landed by the end of the night
I had to get off of this torture flight
I asked her to release me, then she bit my lip
She said the ticket that you bought, it was round trip
I'll never fly S&M Airlines again
I'll never fly S&M Airlines again
I'll never fly S&M Airlines again
I'll never fly S&M Airlines again

NOFX - Life ORiley dalszöveg lyrics

Life O'Riley

I sit in my easy chair
I've got so much time to spare
Because I know in my future days
I'll have my lion's share
There's nothing that I like better
Than getting something for nothing
Some will tell you that nothing's for free
Obviously they've not met me
I live the lifestyle they speak of so highly
I live the life, the life O' Riley
You can have your cake and eat it too
And there's lots of free lunch for you
You think you're being cheated, you don't have a clue
You don't know where you are or what to do
I sit in my easy chair
I've got so much time to spare
Because I know in my future days
I'll have my lion's share
I live the lifestyle they speak of so highly
I live the life, the life O' Riley